Stay Hydrated And Feel Better In Newport Beach

Stay Hydrated And Feel Better In Newport Beach

Hello Newport Beach friends of Enagic. Today I want to talk about dehydration.

Some days I can get so engrossed in a project that I forget to drink enough water. For me, the first sign of dehydration is a dry mouth and chapped lips. For some Irvine residents their eyes get dry and itchy. A long-time Irvine friend of mine always gets a headache when she hasn’t kept her body hydrated.

Newport Beach men and women need to remember that keeping your body sufficiently hydrated is as important as fueling it with healthy food. Without enough water, Newport Beach folks can experience muscle cramps, constipation, lightheadedness, and heart palpitations. All of our organs require water to function properly.

Dehydration not only effects you physically it can also effect your mental state.

A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition finds that mild dehydration can alter the mood of young women.1 Researchers attributed loss of focus, headaches, fatigue, and low mood while exercising and resting to dehydration. So all you Newport Beach ladies, down a glass of water when you are feeling low.

I stay hydrated and happy with delicious Kangen water.

I produce it with my Kangen water filtration machine. I simply attach the system to my Irvine tap water and I am able to generate alkaline water perfectly pH balanced. When I am hydrated, I am able to maintain my focus and work harder for longer periods of time while maintaining a sunny outlook.

My name is Adrian Castro and I would love to talk to you about the amazing Kangen water filtration system. Contact me today!

Adrian Castro
Independent Enagic Distributor
Irvine, California 92619

1Lawrence E. Armstrong, Matthew S. Ganio, Douglas J. Casa, Elaine C. Lee, Brendon P. McDermott, Jennifer F. Klau, Liliana Jimenez, Laurent Le Bellego, Emmanuel Chevillotte, and Harris R. Lieberman, “Mild Dehydration Affects Mood in Healthy Young Women,” The Journal of Nutrition, December 21, 2011,, accessed on February 3, 2012

Take Control Of Your Life With Enagic In Irvine

Take Control Of Your Life With Enagic In Irvine

Hello Irvine friends of Enagic!

The mission of Enagic executives, employees, and independent distributors is to help people take control of their health: financially and physically.

As they look to the future, they hope to accomplish two things:

1) Promote the Enagic healthy lifestyle throughout the world
2) Help millions of people take advantage of the unique Enagic direct sales opportunity to achieve financial independence

Enagic is a stable and extremely successful international company with 30 years experience manufacturing and selling award-winning Kangen water machines. As an independent Enagic dealer in Irvine, I believe that the increased use of Kangen alkaline water can have a significant effect on California and worldwide health.

Kangen water is a revolutionary product with universal appeal and benefit. With Irvine,Newport Beach, and Costa Mesa folks focusing on a healthier and greener way of life, Enagic is in a position to broaden their brand and increase the value of the Kangen direct sales opportunity in California.

I know that Enagic’s independent dealers in California gain tremendous product knowledge and sales expertise while developing consulting and managerial skills. I would expect that is true for Enagic dealers around the world. I am creating lasting business relationships that will enrich my life far into the future.

Through their regional office, Enagic provides independent Irvine distributors with attentive support and expert guidance.

Capitalizing on recent developments in ionization water technology and investing in extensive corporate marketing, Enagic is poised to grow exponentially and capture a larger share of the global health and wellness market.

If you want to start your own business, maximize your sales skills, and improve your quality of life in Irvine, contact me today!

Adrian Castro 949-351-4806
Independent Enagic dealer since June 2007
Kangen Guru Team

Irvine Kangen Water For Lifelong Health And Vitality

Irvine Kangen Water For Lifelong Health And Vitality

Adrian Castro
Independent Enagic Distributor
Irvine, California 92619 949-351-4806

Some California baby boomers think that ‘getting older’ and ‘aging’ are the same thing. Not true! Getting older corresponds with the passage of time whereas aging relates to the breakdown of cells in the body. Cell deterioration causes wrinkles, droopy skin, and sometimes weight gain.

Many of my Irvine boomer friends feel their age is just a number. They don’t let that number define them. To keep doing all the things they love, they practice a healthy California lifestyle which includes: adequate sleep, exercise, a plant-based diet, and drinking plenty of high quality water.

Continuous hydration is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Choosing to drink the healthiest water is important.

As an active Irvine boomer, I chose to invest in the ultimate in-home water filtration system manufactured by Enagic International. Enagic Kangen water tastes clean and delicious.

The Kangen ionization and filtration machine produces ionized alkaline water which helps me neutralize aging-related free radicals.

I am able to produce all the healthy Kangen water I need by simply using the Kangen water filtration system to filter my Irvine municipal water. It is so simple and affordable. I also appreciate the fact that it is eco-friendly.

I would love to share more information about Kangen alkaline water and the most promising home business opportunity in Irvine. Contact me today at 949-351-4806!

Improve Your Financial Health In Mission Viejo

Improve Your Financial Health In Mission Viejo

Hello Mission Viejo! If you are interested in the health of your body, the environment, and your finances, I want to introduce you to Enagic.

Enagic is a world-renowned company that has led the pH water machine industry for decades. Enagic is seeking independent dealers in the Mission Viejo area to market Enagic products. The Enagic ionization and filtration machine is so unique they have a patented name for the water it produces, Kangen water.

It is critical to not only drink water, but to drink the right water. Delicious Kangen water is pure ionized, pH balanced water providing drinkers with peak hydration and taste.

Mission Viejo families who produce Kangen water in their home support the environment by reducing the number of plastic bottles used.

Enagic’s trusted name and reputation for unparalleled dealer support make it a fantastic Mission Viejo business opportunity.

Whether you are looking for a second income, a chance to run your own Irvine business, or want to network and stay active after retirement, becoming part of Enagic’s team of direct sellers in California can help you achieve your goals.

Experience the new found freedom of working for yourself in Mission Viejo. When you’re the boss you can set your own hours, choose where you travel and with whom you work. A recent U.S. Federal Reserve survey shows the average household net worth for entrepreneurs is five times more than that of the traditionally employed.

If you want to discover your potential for better health in Mission Viejo, physically, and financially, contact me today!

Adrian Castro
Kangen Guru Team 949-351-4806

A Spectrum Of pH Levels With Kangen In Irvine

A Spectrum Of pH Levels With Kangen In Irvine

Enagic water lovers living in the 92619 zip code area of California are excited to share with their friends and family the benefits they have discovered by drinking Kangen water. When your friends bring empty containers to your Irvine home to fill with healthy Kangen water and their kids say they don’t want to drink from the tap, you know you have a great water system.

Your personal Kangen water electrolysis machine delivers a spectrum of pH waters depending on the setting you prefer. Residents of Irvine are enjoying the advantages of producing the ideal pH level for either drinking, cooking, washing produce, making coffee, watering houseplants, shampooing hair, or cleaning their home.

Many Irvine people are concerned about acidic body chemistry. Kangen water filtration machines have an answer for that concern.

Kangen water helps you maintain your health by helping restore your body to a more alkaline state. Through the use of filters and electrolysis the Kangen Water machine produces delicious, balanced pH water.

Our community in 92619 benefits not only from pH adjusted Kangen water but also from the Irvine Enagic direct sales opportunity. You can be your own boss and supplement your income while helping Irvine friends and neighbors support their health. Entrepreneurs in Irvine recognize the quality of Kangen water machines and want to provide a way for the people in their California community to experience the health benefits of drinking pH balanced water – all while building a residual income business.

Clean Up Irvine: Stop Buying Bottled Water

Clean Up Irvine: Stop Buying Bottled WaterOur chosen water source in Irvine has an impact on our health and the environment. In making a responsible choice, we need to be informed.

We’ve all heard about the environmental impact of plastic water bottles, yet cases of Fiji, Dasani, and Smart Water continue to sell briskly in Irvine grocery stores.

First, the production of plastic bottles releases pollution and greenhouse gases into the environment. Fossil fuels are then needed to transport commercial water bottles to the water source and to Irvine stores.

After the water has been consumed, the non biodegradable plastic ends up in California parks, rivers, roadsides, and landfills. Reducing plastic water bottle usage in Irvine would go a long way to clean up our environment.

Many California consumers assume bottled water is more healthy than tap, however, 20 to 30 percent of bottled water comes from municipal tap water systems, just like our system here in Irvine. California investigative reports have shown that bottle water labels often skirt the truth about the water source.

Tap water contains chlorine which reacts with naturally occurring elements to form toxins called trihalomethanes. THM’s have been linked to everything from asthma to heart disease. Water contaminants from industry, agriculture, and urban runoff end up in rivers and streams, meaning more chlorine is dumped into systems to purify the water.

A home water filtration system, such as the Kangen water machine, benefits your family’s health and the health of the environment. Kangen water is filtered through electrolysis, allowing you to adjust the water pH, transforming tap water into healthy water.

Alkaline ionized water cleans and detoxifies the body as a universal solvent. Kangen water cleans inside and out for optimal health in Irvine.

Kangen Water Filtration Machines are now available for Irvine people who care about the health of the environment as much as their own.

Kangen also offers an attractive work at home opportunity for eco-conscious Irvine people who want to supplement their income. To learn more, give me a call.

Independent Kangen Distributor Adrian Castro

Enagic Entrepreneurship In Irvine

Enagic Entrepreneurship In Irvine

Hello Irvine job-seekers!

If you’ve ever wondered if entrepreneurship is for you, consider this: entrepreneurship takes effort and passion, but turns into confidence and gratification. The opportunity to create something enduring and important is one of the many reasons entrepreneurship remains an ideal today.

I believe that the direct sales business model helps to level the California playing field. Direct sales business owners in Irvine can succeed regardless of prior work experience, education level, socioeconomic status, gender, or ethnicity. The ideal of hard work turning into success and independence is an important part of Irvine direct sales businesses and right now is a great time for Irvine people to take ownership of their lives through Enagic entrepreneurship.

Owning your own Irvine business is a road to autonomy and financial independence and also has an impact on Irvine area community development by providing sources of employment and higher living standards.

Nowadays, it is considered more risky to work for a traditional California corporation than to go into business for yourself, the opposite thinking of just a few years ago.

Direct selling in Irvine also works well today because traditional methods of advertising are quickly changing due to TiVo, cable, mobile devices, and the internet. Direct sales does not depend on information channels which are losing their relevance. Direst selling is an effective and inexpensive way to share information in Irvine whether face-to-face or through online social networking.

If you are looking for a way to test your entrepreneurship skills, create financial stability, and give back to your community, contact Enagic today to learn how to start your own business in Irvine. With Enagic USA, you’re not on your own: you’ll have over 30 years of experience and worldwide support behind you!

Adrian Castro
Independent Enagic Dealer since June 2007
Kangen Guru Team

Your Skin Is Thirsty For Kangen Water!

Your Skin Is Thirsty For Kangen Water!

Many Irvine residents suffer from dry skin during the winter but fail to drink enough water. Did you know that water intake can affect the health of your skin? Our bodies need water to maintain body temperature and provide all the tissues–including the skin–adequate hydration.

Most Irvine people think more about hydration during the hot summer months. However, when the temperatures dip in Irvine, we should continue to sip water or other healthy beverages continually throughout the day.

Many Irvine people have switched to Kangen healthy water for all-purpose drinking, sports hydration, and skin care.

Drinking water can help maintain glowing, smooth skin. An added step for healthy skin is to spray acidic water on your skin at regular intervals throughout the day. Irvine dermatologists also recommend consuming high levels of vitamin C, A, and E.

The in-home Kangen water ionizer and filtration system is the best way to produce your own pH-specific water in Irvine.

If you would like to try Kangen water for drinking, cooking, or skin care, call me today to schedule an informative Kangen presentation. Thanks for visiting my Kangen wellness blog!

Adrian Castro
Independent Enagic Distributor
Change Your Water, Change Your Life…

People In Irvine Asking ‘What Is Electrolysis?’

What Is Electrolysis for Irvine?

If you have read any of my Irvine Enagic alkaline water posts, you have probably come across the words electrolysis. Before I started my own Enagic pH water business in Costa Mesa, I only had a vague idea of what this word meant. Today’s post contains a brief explanation for Irvine people interested in pH water produced by electrolysis.

Electrolysis is the process of using a direct electric current (DC) to trigger a chemical reaction in an ionic substance.
By applying the current, chemical components can be separated and isolated. Electrolysis has been used by scientists to discover and analyze elements and is valuable in many industries and manufacturing processes. For example, anodization using electrolysis treats metal products to become corrosion-resistant.

Enagic water ionization and filtration machines use the process of electrolysis to change the pH balance of water.

By adjusting the amount of electrolysis applied, water with specific pH levels can be produced.

I use Kangen pH balanced water for all my water needs. Of course I drink Kangen water, but I also use for coffee, tea, juice from concentrate, and other water-based beverages.

For healthy cooking with Kangen I boil vegetables in it, wash fresh produce and meat, and use it in every recipe that calls for water.
Kangen is not just for the kitchen, I love the way my skin and hair feels after a Kangen wash and rinse. Wiping sinks and counters with Kangen is safe and easy and my houseplants thrive with acidic Kangen water.

To learn how you can adopt a pH balanced lifestyle with Kangen, contact me today.

Kangen Water Dealer Adrian Castro

Newport Beach Adults: Are You Drinking Your 8 Cups A Day?

Newport Beach Adults Are You Drinking Your 8 Cups A Day?

Most Newport Beach residents have heard the ’8 cups of water a day’ recommendation, though many don’t drink nearly that much.

When Newport Beach folks consider the fact that you can lose 8 – 10 cups of water every day just by normal living (perspiration, breathing, etc.) they often commit to paying more attention to their daily water intake. How can your body function properly if you are not adequately replacing the water lost?

There are other factors to consider: California men and women who exercise daily or do physically demanding work may need more water. Hot, dry weather triggers increased water loss through perspiration. Caffeinated beverages can work as a diuretic. Ditto for alcoholic drinks.

In June 2007, I took a serious look at my hydration habits. I realized that on many days I hardly drank any water at all. There are water coolers in the Irvine office building where I work, but I was usually too busy to grab a cup more than once or twice a day.

Though severe dehydration can be life-threatening, even mild dehydration can harm your health and cause immediate physical problems. Lack of energy, headaches, dizziness, and constipation can result.

I wonder how many days I was tired with a throbbing headache and failed to recognize that I was experiencing moderate dehydration?

Around the time I was examining my insufficient water intake, I learned about Kangen alkaline water from one of my Irvine friends. There is a growing body of evidence that drinking water that is slightly alkaline can affect your health.

After careful consideration, I made the important decision to buy an Enagic Kangen water ionization and filtration machine. Now I produce pH balanced water using my regular tap water. I make sure I always have a refillable metal water bottle in my car and on my desk at work.

I believe my decision to start drinking Kangen balanced pH water was a critical one. I feel great knowing I am continually nourishing my hard-working body with Kangen balanced water.

If you want to make an important investment in your health, contact me today by phone or email. Thanks for visiting my Newport Beach alkaline water blog, I hope to hear from you soon.

Independent Enagic Dealer Adrian Castro